Telsasoft Products

Telsasoft designs and develops Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Service Assurance software for telecommunications providers, including:


TecAlert is our alarm management system which brings alarms from all of your network elements into one unified display. Centralized alarm management and highly configurable paging keep you on top of your network's status and technician utilization.


OpsAlert is our performance reporting system which gathers data on your network's traffic and performance, builds performance reports to show you how well your network is operating, and alerts you when performance drops below an acceptable level. Manually assembling and correlating data from multiple sources is a large recurring expense. With OpsAlert, everything is automatic, and you can know for sure whether your system is performing optimally.


When a new problem occurs, operations and management personnel want to be updated as its status changes. With TroubleAid, all of that information is in one place, and the system helps you stay compliant by reminding you of deadlines for filing FAA and FCC reports.

CDR Reports for OpsAlert

CDR Reports for OpsAlert give you an even more detailed picture of what's happening on your network. Respond to law enforcement records requests, verify and troubleshoot subscribers' dropped calls, and much more.

Site Book

Site Book is our tool integrated with TecAlert's GIS features which helps you manage physical plant data. Providing field technicians with driving directions to sites and NOC technicians with contact details for land owners and utility companies are among the many things you can do when you have all of this information in one place.

CapAlert Report for OpsAlert

CapAlert predicts future capacity requirements. By analyzing historical traffic patterns, CapAlert shows how much additional capacity you will need and when you will need it so you can plan capital expenditures ahead of time.


Dashboard is a Web App that allows you at the same time to get a birds-eye view of your current network statistics and also to have them update in real-time as soon as new data is available.

It provides you with the flexibility to access it via a Web Browser, no matter where you are and what device you are using.