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Site Book

The Site Book is a powerful tool that can be used to manage the massive amount of data that defines an operator's network. It allows you to dynamically build a structure to hold the information for all of your network elements.

Site data can be accessed easily from TecAlert's map window.

The Site Book can store any desired contact, technical, or other type of information about each site.

Site Book Features

  • Efficiently manage and retrieve network data including contact details (LECs, landowners, utilities), tower and antenna information, and power and HVAC data
  • Reduce network downtime by having critical information at hand when TecAlert notifies you of a fault
  • Provide field technicians with driving directions or equipment details
  • Provide NOC operators with contact information for electrical companies, law enforcement, and FCC ASR numbers
  • Provide engineers with antenna details or tower heights AGL or AMSL